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We’re a friendly web design firm in Newcastle. We help people and organisations get more from the web.

We make websites that look great on all devices, build in Search Optimisation for better results in Google and write clear, compelling content to get your message across.

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Responsive, mobile first web design.

A successful website isn’t just pretty face. Websites are communication tools – they provide information and guidance about your product and service.

That’s why we design websites with the user experience in mind; when someone visits your website they shouldn’t have to think what to do. They should be able to find the information they need quickly and easily in order to achieve the outcome they want, regardless of the device they’re using.

People are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

— Google

Our aim is to create a website that is so easy to use, so useful and usable, that your visitor won’t notice it. Their focus is on your product or service information and nothing else.

We design websites which automatically adapt to different screen sizes — people will see your website in a way that best suits the device they’re using.

We use WordPress, software trusted by millions of people worldwide. You can edit your web content at any time so you can connect more effectively with your audience.

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Search Optimisation to rank higher in Google.

Today, more people are likely to search on mobile than desktop computers, so your website needs to be optimised for location based search (for people using mobile devices).

Our websites are Google-friendly by design, we follow Google’s guidelines and use only approved techniques to make sure you’re as findable as possible in all major search engines and Google Business View listings.

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Clear, crisp, copywriting.

There’s one facet of web design we can’t stress enough — no matter what your website looks like, users will find and visit your website for your content. The content on your website is crucially important, because it needs to appeal to people and search engines.

So, whilst it’s paramount to use the right keywords, industry lingo and terminology to be indexed correctly in search engines, you also need to give your human audience something interesting, factual and clear to read. Words and descriptions that compel them to act, to contact you.

We can help and advise with content creation to ensure it’s people friendly and hits all the right spots with Google.

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Tell us your ideas. We’ll listen and develop them into online solutions that work like a dream and look great across all devices, regardless of screen size or orientation. We’ll also help you understand how to get more from the Internet, so you do all the right things moving forward. Get in touch, we’re always happy to provide objective advice and we don’t bite!

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