Web + WordPress Development in Newcastle

Here’s how I roll.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller 


I’ve worked really hard to establish a reputation for high quality work and bostin’ customer service. These principles guide how I work and I hope these work for you too.

Conversation is key.

I love to talk. I want to learn about your goals and objectives and what you want to achieve online. Once I understand what you have in mind I can figure out how I can help. If you need a little inspiration check out Awwwards.com, SiteInspire or Best Website Gallery.

We start small and iterate.

I’ll gather enough information to build a mockup of your website. We review that together and agree what needs to change to get us to version 1. We’ll have two further iterations to get it right before we go live on t’Internet.

Hmm… you sure about that?

If any of your design choices affect website usability we’ll need to fix them. We must design for your users first and that means everyone else in the world apart from you. If there’s a different way I’ll find it.

I use the best tools for the job.

I only use tools and software which I know can do the job. I build all my websites on WordPress and use apps like Google Analytics, GTMetrix and PageSpeed to test, test, test what I build. Your managed service is hosted on industry leading infrastructure and I monitor your website 24/7.

I won’t reinvent the wheel.

If there is a feature you want that’s been built before, and works, we’ll use that. It’s cheaper for you and less complex for me.

I keep it simple.

I worry about DNS, caching and web security so you don’t have to. Yes, I am a techie boff but I communicate in plain English, especially when there’s a decision to be made. I won’t use jargon, made-up words or make you feel like you’re in the Matrix.

I pay attention to content.

I craft content that’s crisp, clear and optimised for all users. Even your nan. I check what I write with HemingwayApp and Grammarly, and use Pexels and Unsplash if I need quality pics.

Time is money. More time is more money.

I won’t charge for an extra page, inserting an image or making that bit there a darker shade of green, but, if we’re into ‘I need a custom widget that does A, B then C’ territory then you’ll need to pay for that. I work to a fixed price so you know what you’re getting but in the rare circumstance you want something that’s not included as standard, I charge £60 per hour. There are no hidden costs.

I’ll start when the cheque clears.

I ask for a 25% deposit when we agree the design, pages and content you want. That shows we’re both serious about making this thing work.