Prices, plans, and how much our services cost.

“In the fashion industry, everything goes retro except the prices.” – Criss Jami

‘Ow much? We get asked this a lot.

Our best answer is, “how much is a bicycle?” because, it wholly depends what you want, doesn’t it?

If all you want is a cheap and cheerful website, click here. That’s not our bag.

Our clients deeply value the support, advice and service we provide. We’re not the cheapest but we do care about our customers, that’s why the majority of our work stems from customer referral or personal recommendation.

Guide prices to give you a start.

To help inform your decision here’s a set of guide prices we use when we discuss projects with clients. We don’t price “per page” because that doesn’t help you get an effective website. We want you to get the best solution to meet your needs and that’s what we’ll price it on. That said, here’s some sample pricing for you to use as a guide. Please contact us if you’d like to talk anything through.

WordPress website development.

We now only develop websites using WordPress software. We’re equally happy working with or and we’ll help you decide which is best for you. We use modern best practice (Gutenberg based development) and are happy to discuss your project.

  • WordPress website development using a standard theme : from £800
  • WordPress website development using a commercial theme : from £1400
  • WordPress website development bespoke to your design : Call us

Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engine optimisation involves many facets, it’s not simply installing a plugin. We can offer two SEO related services:

  • Website SEO review and recommendation report (home page + 3 content pages) : £240
  • SEO upgrade to your WordPress website : from £600

Copywriting and Web Content Review.

If you have an amazing website then you need amazing content. It needs to be well written (for humans and search indexes) and convey your message in clear, concise language.

  • Web content review and recommendation report : £200
  • Content rewrite : Call us
  • Guest blogging and content provision : Call us


We only offer hosting to clients who have websites that we’ve developed.

  • WordPress hosting only : £240 per annum.
  • WordPress hosting and support : from £99 per month (see our Managed Services).

Email accounts.

We prefer not to provide email services (although we can), you’re much better off using Gmail or Microsoft email to send and receive your domain email. They have free accounts available across a range of platforms which are easy to use and we can help you set this up.

Managed services.

If you’re too busy to maintain your website we can do it for you. We’ll keep your code secure, your website fast and your content up to date too. This service is becoming more popular with our clients, so may be worth a chat to see if this is something that would benefit you.

  • Core managed service from : £99 per month
  • Advanced managed service from : £199 per month
  • Social media management : from £99 per month per platform

Custom theme, app or plugin development.

Generally we don’t custom develop stuff because it adds to complexity plus, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone out there has done it already. If they have, and it works, we’ll use that.

However if you do have a need for something a little je ne sais quoi, give us a call.

Something for the weekend, sir?

If there’s a service you need that you don’t see here, then drop us a line. If we can’t help you we’ll most likely be able to suggest someone who can.